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Modernization of the “e-Security” project


We are happy to inform that PLATAN Company has finalised modernization of the “e-Security” project, involving electronic services for the residents of Podlaskie province in Poland. Main goal of the project was to build a modern and reliable public warning system that uses two communication protocols: internet and digital radio transmission. Newly implemented system will also allow for broadcasting live voice messages via electronic sirens for every level of Crisis Management in this province.

General priorities for “e-Security” project included:

  • integration with existing e-Security system, including map engine and old electro-mechanical sirens,
  • additional transmission protocols using digital radio communication and Internet,
  • allowing for additional users that can use the public warning system via Internet or digital radio (mainly in city and province Crisis Management Centres),
  • possibility of broadcasting live voice messages through electronic sirens from Crisis Management Centres and possibility of using text-2-speech technology in the future.

Project included mainly delivery of:

  • 20 sets of modern DSE ¬electronic sirens (1200W each) with FDMA radios, which inform residents with a loud sound or voice messages,
  • 25sets of RDP Radio Access Points to ensure the coverage of FDMA digital radio communication in whole province, acting as servers in the digitexCZK/IP system through IP (VPN) encrypted communication,
  • upgrade and implementation of 23 sets of digitexCZK/IP dispatching software to allow quick and intuitive control over the notification system.