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About us

About us

Who we are?

  • We are a Polish company which continuously, since 1985, aims to provide world safety.
  • We are a leading company on international alarm and warning systems market.
  • We are a manufacturer of integrated notificaton systems.
  • We the owner of the digitex® brand.

Digitex is the most widely-recognized Polish brand of public warning systems. Thanks to high quality products and long-time experience we proudly win over our customers’ trust.

Main goals:

  • Improve and provide safety.
  • Fulfill quality standards.
  • Deliver tailor-made solutions.


The history of Digitex is a dynamic story. Over the course of several years we have been through an amazing road – from a small company in Sopot to a leading Polish brand. Currently, we are operating on the global market.

We are a company creating products which ensure safety. Thanks to a wide range of products we are able to provide high quality equipment for: Fire Departments, Civil Defense, Police, Municipal Police, Rescue Services and the Industrial Sector.

We are a manufacturer of reliable devices with high technical parameters combined with the latest software solutions. We also pay special attention to materials used in the production process. Our priority is that our products be reliable in all weather conditions, user-friendly, adapted to the market needs, and meet all expectations of our customers.

Our company and our products meet the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate for design, manufacture, sale and service of public warning systems and telecommunication equipment, which provides ample evidence of our compliance with international quality standards.