About Us

digitex Public Warning Systems

The digitex brand offers integrated notification systems. The primary digitex products are Warning Systems for mass notification with graphic interfaces for sirens control (digital map) and high power DSE Electronic Sirens.
Aside from out standard offers, Platan also designs and manufactures customised devices.

The main users of digitex systems include: Civil Defence, Fire Services, Medical Rescue Teams, Army and other rescue services, industrial plants as well as commercial sector.

Platan IP PBX and Telecommunication Servers

Platan is also the leading Central European manufacturer for IP PBX and Telecommunication Servers based on VoIP. Our companies comprehensive offers satisfy the greatest demands of a wide range of users – from small and medium business to large scale companies, public offices and institutions, as well as military and rescue services.

For information on current offers for PLATAN telecommunication solutions please visit www.platan.eu.