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Quality Policy


The highest value and goal of Digitex is to maintain high quality of services offered. We pursue this goal through continuous improvement of our products, introduction of technological innovations, and development of our employees’ qualifications.

Maintaining the highest quality of procedures and products is based on the guidelines of the quality management system in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. As part of this system, we improve production processes and achieve better technical parameters of our devices. The quality management system creates perfect development conditions for our company and its employees, and also enables us to maximize profits.

In order to improve the operation of the quality management system in accordance with the given standard, the Management Board of the company implemented a quality policy, which is implemented at every stage of operations: at the level of the internal organization of the company and external procedures. The quality policy that we follow everyday includes, among other things, adherence to high standards in the service of sales processes, research and development, production processes and purchasing. This policy is respected by the entire Digitex team.

The developed quality policy supports the strategic direction of our company, which is the development of the company’s value through increasing sales and entering new markets.

At the same time, the Management continuously improves the quality of products and services in order to satisfy its customers and partners.