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Platan is a leading manufacturer of Public Warning Systems branded digitex and PBX Systems branded Platan. In our design offices, highly qualified telecommunication and electronic specialists create solutions based on state-of-the-art global technologies and trends. All of our products are tailor made to meet market needs and expectations.

We offer high quality DSE Electronic Sirens, radio- and telecommunication solutions. Our products are widely used by Civil Defence, Fire Services, Emergency Ambulance Services, other rescue services as well as public institutions and the business sector.

Public Warning Systems

The digitexCZK/IP system was created using the most up-to-date technologies, according to the PLATAN construction team’s original design. This is the only warning system in Poland which uses not only analogue, but also digital radio communication in the DMR (TDMA) and NXDN (FDMA) standards, as well as local area and wide area networks (LAN, WAN) and encoded IP for data transmission.

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Electronic Sirens

DSE Electronic Sirens are manufactured by PLATAN (under the digitex brand name) for the purpose of public warning and alerting (e.g. ecological, military, terrorist attacks, catastrophes and other hazards).

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Telecommunication Systems

Platan is the leading Central-European producer of IP PBX and telecommunication servers. Thanks to our comprehensive offer, we are capable of satisfying the most sophisticated requirements of a wide range of customers, from small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises, public offices and institutions, as well as rescue and uniformed services.

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