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Looking back on 2020

Looking back on 2020

2020 took us all by surprise

In a few years’ time, while browsing through old photographs and reading old articles, each of us will associate the year 2020 with just one – a pandemic. Yes, that time was exceptionally difficult. For each individual, for the economy of the country, for the world… However, despite the obstacles we can sum it up in words: “We made it“.

The year 2020 has been exceptionally difficult, but also extremely busy.

The year 2020 started, as usual, with a summary of the past year and preparation of plans for the coming one. At the beginning, we focused mainly on exports. In the first quarter, we completed two projects: national public warning system in Lithuania using Tetra radio communication system and implementation of a flood warning system in Saudi Arabia. The beginning of the year also included trips to Ukraine and Kazakhstan where we attended business meetings and presented the possibilities of implementing our warning systems.

And suddenly… pandemic and lockdown

Out of concern for the health of all employees management of the company decided to switch to remote work. Despite the new experience related to it and – as it seemed – the company’s slowing down, we were working hard fulltime. We prepared voice messages, which allowed to inform the public about the epidemiological threat and restrictions on an ongoing basis. The announcements were made using alarm sirens all over the country. We provided free technical support and software updates  for city safety systems free of charge. We managed to update the software in 98 municipal offices and fire brigade units. For the first time in over 35 years of our company’s history public warning systems have been used so intensively to inform residents by means of voice messages. It was a huge test for devices, software and also for the company’s employees.

Brave Firefighter

The worsening economic situation and the withheld of investments in public sector have meant that our company also had to start disposing of resources carefully in order to ensure continuity and employment. However, despite the difficult situation, we have tried to support our customers not only with a hard word, but also with further undertakings. We announced the #BraveFirefighter action, which goal was to select the most courageous of all firefighters and to fund subscription for notification service. The service has been created in order to significantly speed up voluntary firefighters’ reaction time and to shorten time needed to arrive to rescue operations.

In addition, May was the month of implementing new electronic sirens to Ukrnaft, Ukraine’s largest oil and gas extraction company.

Automating the work of dispatchers

In June we introduced new functionalities to the digitexCZK/IP software, which automated the work of dispatchers. Our engineers developed additional software tools that allowed to upload various sound and voice files directly to the server and then run them on selected sirens. The schedule allows for playing selected audio files on a specific day and at a specific time. This solution supports the work of the dispatchers and significantly speeds it up giving full control over the public announcements without the need for the dispatcher’s intervention.

We are fighting a pandemic

In August we launched a new product – SKT series contactless temperature control stations. In accordance with our company’s priority, which is to ensure safety, we decided to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. We designed a device that measures body temperature with the accuracy of +/-0.2˚C and managed to achieve this by using a specialized medical sensor. SKT stations ensure the safety of people in public places such as shopping centers and offices.

ISO PN-EN 9001:2015

We have been successfully implementing quality management systems for several years. In September we managed to pass audit of compliance with ISO PN-EN 9001:2015. As a result of this audit we received certificate for the next three years.

September was also the time devoted to the development of the early warning and alerting system for people about threats and crisis situations in the area of Konin county. Then we implemented a public warning system in the Wielkopolska region.

Contract after contract

The second half of the year is always a time of intensive contract work for us, mainly in public sector. New sirens were installed in Białystok, Ełk, Iława, Łódź and Bydgoszcz, among others. In Mysłakowice we implemented digitexCZK/IP system. Moreover, in the capital city we installed a new digital DSP-60 system for fire brigades.

Abroad we made the first implementation of an alarm and warning system for the industrial sector on the Indian market. The system was installed in order to warn workers and nearby residents about the risk of flooding.

Although the implementation of contracts this year was hampered by many restrictions, we managed to complete all of them successfully. It is worth adding that we could not have achieved this without an efficiently functioning team, which is the foundation of our company.


Continuing our activities to date, in the last quarter of the year we also decided to organize an action supporting the development of the voluntary fire brigades. The action lasted until the end of November 2020 and dedicated to engage firefighters to self-present their units. The winner was the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Szczuka, which will be equipped with a new DSP-50 system in January 2021.

Our participation in the Gaszyn Challenge and pre-Christmas charity actions were the cherry on top for this year’s cake. Every year our company participates in various events supporting public services, including the “Noble Parcel“, as well as in actions related to honorary blood donation. This year we have joined forces with Platan and supported children from orphanages and care centers in Tri-City and the surrounding area who have been severely affected by the pandemic.

We would like to thank all our employees, partners and customers. The success of the company is the success of all of us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Digitex team