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Sirens will inform residents about COVID-19

Sirens will inform residents about COVID-19

The digitexCZK/IP system warns residents about any upcoming threat. Furthermore, it informs citizens of a given region on actions they need to take in case of an emergency. The notification is in the form of signals and messages informing about emergencies e.g. chemical and biological contamination.

Currently, the biggest threat worldwide is the spread of COVID-19. It is an extreme situation where all schools and public places were closed. The situation is dynamic, and most cities are closing green spaces and playgrounds, and recommends staying at home (#stayathome).


Alarm sirens enable dispatchers issuing voice messages with guidelines for residents concerning the current emergency status, and issuing information supporting safety.

Exemplary message containing safety guidelines during the current pandemic broadcasted live(PL language)
Voice message in file DOWNLOAD

Voice message text-to-speech functionality (TTS):


digitexCZK/IP WAVE application is designed for servicing network and radio management systems and working together with monitoring devices e.g. contamination levels, pollution, or water levels.

Sounding the alarms and siren testing is possible through selecting the appropriate option from the map level, access keys, or main menu.

The map gives you a full geographical location and all system alarm points. In addition, it enables the dispatcher to select a siren or a group of sirens through which the messages will be issued (live, or through the TTS option).

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