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About digitexCZK/IP

The digitexCZK/IP system was created using the most up-to-date technologies, according to the PLATAN construction team’s original design. This is the only warning system in Poland which uses not only analogue, but also digital radio communication in the DMR (TDMA) and NXDN (FDMA) standards, as well as local area and wide area networks (LAN, WAN) and encoded IP for data transmission.

Within the digitexCZK/IP system, use of IP for data and voice transmission makes it possible to create and expand the system easily and allows for integration with existing analog warning systems, i.e. digitexCZK/FSK.

Implementation of a new Digital Public Warning System does not require replacing the old system. The existing system can easily be integrated with the digitexCZK/IP.

In cases of integration, all sirens, both the new ones, operated in the digital standard and the existing ones (analogue) are operational from the same dispatcher stand. Thanks to the use of computer network and IP protocol, operation of the system can be held on various access levels.

digitexCZK/IP consists of system nodes, whose structure is identical to the hierarchic ones – existing in Poland. Afterwards, we single out regional, county and commune nodes.

Each dispatcher stand in the digitexCZK/IP system come equipped with a PC with digitexCZK/IP software. The software includes a map of the region on which all alarm points operating in the system are marked. From the map level, a dispatcher is able to control and test both electronic and electro-mechanical sirens. Additionally, from digitexCZK/IP one can get information on: communication or lack of communication with the sirens, feeding (main/backup), performing a certain task (alarm activation, testing), battery level, audio route efficiency and other tasks. The digitexCZK/IP is both easy and comfortable to use and all operations can be performed remotely from the dispatcher’s stand.

An inherent part of digitexCZK/IP are modern Electronic Sirens from the DSE series. Apart from sound signals, these allow for sending voice messages live – either remotely from the management stand or locally, with a microphone. Additionally, the DSE sirens are able to spread any sound announcements stored in the memory (wav or mp3 files).

Within the digitexCZK/IP system, it is possible to connect measuring transducers and/or actuators (e.g. weather stations, gas detectors, contamination detectors, water level gauges, opening gates, control displays, light signals or combustion gas exhausting, etc.).