DSE Siren Types

Siren with slotted speakers

Electronic Sirens DSE slotted speakers are made of a special, extremely lightweight corrosion-proof aluminium alloy. Such speakers use a converter with an actual output of 150W. Due to the excellent properties of these slotted speakers which use 2 speakers facing opposite directions (180 degrees) allows establishment of omnidirectional characteristics of sound. The lightweight structure of slotted speakers and their mast allows for a variety of directional configurations of sound and easy mounting.

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Siren with tube speakers

The DSE Electronic Sirens with tube speakers use round speakers made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.

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Mobile sirens

Mobile warning sirens are used to alert the public against threats related to floods, dangerous weather conditions, industrial accidents, terrorism, etc. In addition to its alert capabilities these sirens can be used for information purposes during a crisis (evacuation) as well as during time of peace (transmitting any information to the public).

Mobile sirens are a complementary equipment for all crisis, rescue and military services. They provide information in all areas outside the range of stationary alarm sirens and in places without a telecommunication infrastructure.

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