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Advantages of DSE sirens

  • DSE Electronic Sirens are compatible with any analog and digital public warning and alerting system in Poland.
  • Their modular structure ensures their ability to upgrade depending on current and future needs.
  • DSE Electronic Sirens generate any voice messages (live or recorded; on site or from a remote location) as well as any other irregular recordings (such as anthems, clock ringing, chimes, etc.).
  • Macro-sound combination option, e.g.
    – voice message
    – alarm
    – voice message
  • Selection of special functions and status readout via GSM (SMS).
  • Ongoing readout of siren data (door, power supply, battery voltage status).
  • Back up power supply: maintenance-free gel cell batteries.
  • Omnidirectional or directional sound propagation models.
  • Data transmission encrypted by means of an AES-128 algorithm and additional RSA encryption algotithm in cases of IP-controlled sirens (LAN/WAN).
  • Low power consumption (230V/50Hz).
  • Loudspeakers: long service life and resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Consistency with EU directives and standards confirmed by CE certification and surveys conducted by OBR CTM S.A. Laboratory.
  • Control block box protection: IP-65 for outdoor facilities.
  • Integration with external equipment, such as METEO stations, gas sensors, radioactive contamination sensors, etc.
  • Prompt and professional warranty and after-sales service by a certified maintenance network covering territory of the entire country.