About DSE sirens

DSE series electronic sirens are manufactured by PLATAN (under the digitex brand name) for the purpose of public warning and alerting (e.g. ecological, military, terrorist, catastrophes and other hazards).

These hi-tech facilities support alerts generated by any applicable alarm modes as specified by the Fire Services, Civil Defence, and other rescue services. They also are a part of public evacuation systems used e.g. in large production areas, at army bases, airports, industrial quarters, in lands exposed to floods, at water dams, as well as at other strategic sites and structures.

DSE sirens are adapted to cooperate with any warning system, specifically with digitexCZK/FSK, and digitexCZK/IP systems operated by the Civil Defence and Fire Services. DSE sirena are controlled via analog VHF/UHF radio networks, digital radio networks of DMR (TDMA) and NXDN (FDMA) standards, and IP networks (LAN/WAN, VPN). They can also be adapted to wireless-operated systems based on GSM, GPRS, 3G, CDMA, TETRA, WiMax, and LTE technologies as well as with systems which use conventional PSTN lines or leased lines.

Each electronic siren is composed of either slotted or horn loudspeakers (their number depending on the siren’s power (ranging from 300 W to 3000 W) and a control block with control module and signal generator, WSE-300 amplifier modules, ZSE-24 amplifier module, two maintenance-free batteries having a capacity from 33 Ah up to 120 Ah, and other actual warning system adapters, all of which come enclosed in a metal cabinet.

DSE sirens may be installed as fixed units on roofs, poles, street lanterns, etc., as well as mobile (transportable) units in suitcases which can be used, on carriages, single or double-axle trailers as well as on open load-carrying bodies of pick-up vehicles.

Thanks to its modular structure the DSE Electronic Siren can be easily be expanded by use of additional elements, such as amplifiers and loudspeakers, thus enhancing its acoustic power and sound intensity.

DSE sirens are used for real-time transmission of voice messages, either from a remote (control sta-tion) or a local site (microphone installed on the control block) site. An additional feature is DSE sirens can broadcast any sound messages saved in the system memory as wave or mp3 files.

DSE sirens co-operate with external systems, such as e.g. weather stations, chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination sensors, water-level gauges, as well as control elements of road traffic signaling systems, gate opening systems, etc. Power supply may originate from the mains (230 V/50 Hz) or via solar panels.