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New possibilities and functionality digitexCZK/IP


We would like to inform that digitexCZK/IP system is under continuous development, resulting new possibilities and functionality for our national and international customers.

Below is a list of new optional features in our digitexCZK/IP system:

  • In addition to standard IP transmission you can use digital radio transmission (FDMA or TDMA) in parallel,
  • Stand-alone dispatcher software with it’s own radio to bypass system server (it can work independently from system server),
  • API – universal software interface to connect external systems to our system server, for example GIS, SCADA etc.
  • Dispatcher software (in province/city) can work with 2 radios using duo-simplex,
  • Text-to-speech module in sirens allowing for higher quality voice messages,
  • Code-repeater module (for example in Radio Access Points or in sirens) allows to increase radio coverage,
  • Backup unit (separate device) allows to launch an emergency alert signal or predefined voice message bypassing the server and dispatcher software,
  • Audio server can be used in province system server, allowing for live voice messages from province dispatcher center (previously it was possible only from city dispatcher software),
  • Remote file sharing in sirens via IP channel and / or radio channel for easy sound replacement,
  • New PNMS software for remote administration of the digitexCZK/IP system,
  • Software module for direct IP/LAN access to Motorola radio repeaters (without the need for direct radio access).

Please take into consideration, that implementing above functionality will always require additional agreements. The final quotation depends on many factors and may be determined after discussing technical requirements.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.